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Our annual report on aviation trends. Written by Burns & McDonnell professionals, these publications focus on issues affecting the industry.

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The Future of Jet Fuel

Reducing fuel consumption is a goal for every airline, with an emphasis on innovation.

The New Face of Efficiency

In an era where rising utility costs, aging facilities and the environment are increasingly becoming more prominent on the list of key issues facing airport personnel, comprehensive energy management programs offer a valuable, often underutilized, solution.

Behind the Scenes

If an airline passenger were to make a list of all the things that make an airport experience great, the maintenance hangar wouldn't even appear as a footnote. But these critical facilities play a key role in every passenger's travel.

Building the Great Airport Experience

Airports and airlines continue the conversations begun before 2001 about how to use new technologies to build the airport experience of the future. The passenger is at the middle of this trend.

Diversity at Its Best

Diversity among airline passengers, airport tenants, and airline and airport personnel drives the planning and design decisions that have long-term implications for every airport facility. But diversity can create challenges, so airports must plan to accommodate these differences.

Options for Opening Up

In today's economy, it often makes more sense to renovate existing facilities than design and construct a new terminal. With the same desired result, renovating can open up space in a terminal to create more passenger flow or more retail space to generate additional revenue.

Pavement Construction Takes Off

It would be easy to describe innovation and excitement in the world of airfield pavement as flat. But the design and construction of taxiways and pavements has come a long way, requiring levels of smoothness, constructability and durability unequaled in other fields.

Plugging Into Power

Ground power and preconditioned air systems reduce emissions, fuel consumption and costs, while maintaining passenger comfort.

Priming the Airport Economic Engine

In the same way that the engine is the beating heart of an aircraft, an airport is the economic growth engine for communities large and small in today's global economy.

Reducing Emissions, Increasing Efficiency and Reliability

Reducing greenhouse gases while simultaneously increasing efficiency and reliability sounds too good to be true, but it doesn't have to be with a combined heat and power system.

Taking Stress Out of Travel

In a world where consumers readily access on-demand services for everything from banking to shopping to entertainment, the traditional airport experience can come as a shock. Remote parking, check-in lines, baggage restrictions, security screenings and gate delays create a barrier to satisfaction that can be hard to break through. But it can — and is — being done.

Technology Design-Build